All the dirt on Spud Sponge

What is Konjac?

Konjac was discovered hundreds of years ago in the mountainous tropic regions of Asia, Konjac comes from the same vegetable family as the humble potato and shares many of the same characteristics( Thus Spuds name).
Konjac was and is consumed all over the world as a healthy part of their diets in the form of noodles, diet pills and a vegan alternative to gelatine. In Australia we are more familiar with Konjac Slim noodles in your supermarket health food aisle.
Konjac 100% vegetable fibre is a spongy non porous fibre perfect for awesome soft and naturally cleansing power.

What is the Konjac Spud Sponge used for?

It's used to "Clean your face with Squishy Konjac" The most natural and low fuss cleanser around, You can cleanse your face with just water or it also plays nicely and compliments your favourite natural cleanser.

How long should Spud Sponge last?

Once opened from its packaging the natural Konjac fibre will be good to use for over  6 weeks of normal face cleansing for one person. (Spud does not want you to share, your spud sponge is your own personal spud so buy a few so everyone can have their own) If your sponge starts to break down discard it by burying it in the ground or chucking him in your compost heap.
To keep your Spud Sponge healthy :
DO NOT WRING your spud sponge. This will just break his inner fibres and destroy his inner spirit. Be gentle and just give him a good squeeze to remove any excess water.
DO HANG UP your spud up by his handy string in a nice well ventilated spot after every use.

Is the Spud Sponge an Australian made product?

The Spud Sponge brand has been created by a 100% home grown and owned company called Sprouting Life Pty Ltd.

The Spud sponge is a proud Novocastrian sponge with the company originating in Newcastle, NSW Australia.

The Spud Sponge packaging is proudly produced and printed in Australia from 100% recycled packaging.

The Spud sponge is currently made in China where they have perfecting the Spud sponge recipe and production for over 100 years. Spud sponge would love to have our sponges produced in Australia but alas we do not currently possess this technology. Spud sponge will be striving for this in the future…. The Spud has goals.

Where can I buy Spud Sponge

Spud Sponge is stocked in health, wellbeing and beauty stores all over Australia and online. 
A stockist finder is coming soon

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