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About Spud Sponge

Unearthed in 2013 Spud Sponge is a product with purpose. The team at Spud Sponge truely believe that small thoughtful acts can make a big positive impact on our world.

Spud sponge was unearthed on my personal search for a unique, safe, earthy, natural, fun, biodegradable, cleansing device to compliment my natural cleansers. 

How I fell in love with Spud sponge

Spuddy won me over after the first cleanse, his squishy awesomeness was addictive and changed what was a routined cleansing experience into an extraordinarily uniquely fun highlight of my day. 

A deeper connection then developed when I dug a little deeper and realised that Spud ticked all my boxes regarding safe, natural, sustainable, biodegradable and skin healthy goodness.

In 2015 I was inspired by the 2 social good companies Thank you and Who Gives a Crap to make a greater impact on our world by being a profit for purpose company.

I was given the vision that a little potato sponge could help to fund projects and charities that are working to eradicate human exploitation, trafficking and slavery.  

I feel so humbled and excited that to date we have been able to give more than $20,000 to our charities and am so grateful to our customers who have enjoyed their Sponge and joined with us in making a positive impact. 

Big Love Rachel Cooper