Spud Sponge

Spud Sponge is an expert at deep cleansing your skin. 
Relax and enjoy a moment of cleansing self care at the end of your day.

Deep cleansing

Spud Sponge provides a healthy new way to cleanse your face.
Simply wet your sponge and rub over your skin or add a small amount of your favourite natural cleanser for deeper cleansing power.

Natural and Sustainable

Spud Sponge is made from natural vegetable fibre, once you have enjoyed using your sponge you can return it to the earth to biodegrade without waste. 
Cruelty free and good for you.

Good for every face

There is a Spud Sponge suited to every Skin Type:
Sensitive, Dry, Normal, Ageing 
Sun damaged, Congested 
and Dehydrated


Spuds mission is to help people

Our mission is to help
clean up the dirty problem of human slavery and exploitation.
Human trafficking fuels the growth of organised crime, undermining health, safety, security, and the basic needs of humanity. It is the fastest growing crime in the world.
Spud Sponge is pledging a donation of $1 per sponge sold to help these charities in their fight for peoples freedom.

Compassion Australia

Worldwide, 385 million children live in extreme poverty.

Poverty robs children of their basic rights to learn, play and grow. In its ugliest form, poverty can lead to exploitation, child labour and even death. It's unacceptable.

That's why our Child Sponsorship Program exists. Because more powerful than poverty is the hope of Jesus, the care of a local church and the encouragement of you: a loving sponsor.

Sponsor a child today and give a hope more powerful than poverty.

IJM logo.png

International justice mission

IJM Australia partners with International Justice Mission globally to deliver justice programs bringing rescue to victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression. 
IJM works in Africa, Latin America, South Asia and Southeast Asia to protect the poor from violence by rescuing and restoring individual victims of violence, and by driving dramatic improvements in the justice system. Our vision is to rescue thousands, protect millions and prove that justice for the poor is possible.

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