The Cause

The Spud Sponge team feel a deep responsibility to look after people in our world.

Those born into poverty, disadvantage and injustice.

Spud Sponge has a mission to help clean up the dirty problem affecting over 27 million people in our world today (Yes,even in Australia) – Human trafficking and slavery.

To do this effectively we are partnering with charitable organisations both locally and internationally.

Sprouting life Pty Ltd – Spud Sponge is pledging $1 per Spud Sponge sold from the 1st of July 2015 to be divided amongst the below charities fighting for this great cause ending human slavery and trafficking in the 21st century.

Donations made to date:


Charities We Support:

In Australia

The Freedom Hub

I first heard of the amazing work The Freedom Hub work are doing in Australia this year 2015, The Freedom Hub work closely with the Police, immigration and the salvation army to rescue, restore people affected by modern day slavery here in Australia.

The Freedom Hub runs  a survivor training school

A place where survivors are trained, encouraged and prepared for the workforce. A place where, through one-to-one mentoring, supported learning and practical application with partnered businesses; survivors can learn faster, feel valued, and trust is re-established.

At the freedom hub we help survivors stay motivated & seek opportunities to live a life of freedom, by offering supported learning and work experience, setting them up to have another go and not lose heart.

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In Australia

Proudly Supporting A21The A21 campaign was my first exposure to the fact that Slavery is such a massive problem in the world today

27 million people are living with no freedom.

I listened to first hand stories of the rescues and the re building of lives, the awareness campaigns and the lobbying for changes in laws and I knew that I had to use what I had to help.

Freedom should not be a birthright, I feel a responsibility to spend the word and to use what I have in my hands to make a positive change.

What A21 do:


We work to stop individuals from becoming victims of human trafficking by providing awareness, education to the next generation, and interrupting the demand.

Education: We have created education curriculum to educate potential victims of human trafficking in schools, orphanages, and universities. Young people are equipped with information and strategies to avoid becoming victims.

Awareness: We also raise awareness about human trafficking within community groups, churches, and universities globally through the A21 Prevention and Awareness Program and the ShineHope human trafficking prevention program.


A21 protects survivors of human trafficking by providing a safe environment and by running restoration programs in their aftercare facilities.

Rescue: A21 is able to offer support to local law enforcement, FBI, and other governmental agencies in the areas of training, investigations, and data collection through our human trafficking hotlines.

Restoration: A21 comes alongside survivors to see them restored physically and emotionally. A21 provides education, vocational training, and repatriation assistance to equip them for a new and independent future.


We work to prosecute traffickers, provide survivors with legal council, and strengthen the legal response to human trafficking.

Enforcement: We provide access to legal council to the survivors in our care and offer representation for those victims who undertake criminal proceedings to prosecute traffickers.

Legislation: We help guide changes to legislation that will provide a more comprehensive suit of laws and ensure traffickers are held accountable for their crimes.


We aim to partner with fundraising supporters, governmental agencies, and community members to see injustice abolished.

Supporters: We unite with abolitionists who desire to make a difference and provide training, education materials, and programs to be outworked in communities through A-Teams. We work together with our monthly financial supporters who provide sustainable income so we are able to plan new prevention initiatives and assist more victims of human trafficking.

Partners: We collaborate and share information with law enforcement, government agencies, and local service providers to ensure the needs of human trafficking survivors are met.

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For our Neighbours in Cambodia – Philippines – Vietnam


I first learned about this amazing organisation through a friend with a big heart, she held an event in her home to support the great work destiny rescue is doing in giving these beautiful children hope and a future.

Sprouting Life – Spud Sponge supports destiny rescue through donations and by monthly supporting one of their survivor homes in the Philippines.

Rescue The Sexually Exploited And Enslaved

Destiny Rescue rescues children from red light districts, brothels and sexually abusive situations.

Restore The Abused

Destiny Rescue provides rescued children the intensive care and love they need to recover from the traumatic effects of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation. We provide them medical help, counselling, schooling, vocational training and all daily needs required to be integrated back into society successfully. In addition, we provide a safe protective place for them to live, grow and experience unconditional love– a place where they can feel valued and esteemed; a place where they can be kids again.

Protect The Vulnerable

Destiny Rescue offers programs that help at-risk children and families reduce their children’s chances of being sold, lured or trafficked into the sex-trade.

Empower The Poor

Destiny Rescue believes in empowering the poor and giving them a hand up in life, not a handout. Our philosophy and goal is to help them become self-sustaining through one of our many assistance programs. Simply put, we don’t want to create a welfare system where children and families become dependent on our organisation, but rather have a chance to become profitable through hard work and common sense.

Be A Voice For The Voiceless

Destiny Rescue is committed to being a voice for the sexually exploited, vulnerable and poor who, in most cases, can’t speak up for themselves. We believe everyone has a right to be heard, especially those crying out for justice. Many times they are overlooked or tossed aside by society, but we are determined to be their voice – motivating and inspiring influencers to get involved and make a difference in the lives of the voiceless.

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