The Turmeric Konjac Sponge



Turmeric yellow dome Spud sponge

Natural Konjac cleansing sponge for the face.

Gentle cleansing and rejuvenating for all skin types

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This Turmeric infused Konjac sponge is ideal for all skins that are tried and dull and need a boost.

Turmeric is a super antioxidant filled herb long known for it’s skin health giving properties.

  • Turmeric is antiseptic
  • Turmeric is anti- inflammatory
  • Turmeric fights free radicals (no one can stand those pesky things)

Brace yourself for a Cool turmeric skin fact: In India Brides regularly scrub their body with a mix of turmeric, gram flour and water for many weeks leading up to their weddings leaving them with a beautiful healthy glow.

Totally safe sponge for you sensitive types, pregnant women, and reactive skins.

Spuds care for me tips:

DO NOT WRING ME, just a gentle squeeze will do to remove the excess water.

DO NOT USE ME DRY, (That would be ouchy!)I need to be re hydrated by soaking in water for 5mins or being held under a running tap before my squishy awesomeness will be unleashed.

Rinse me after cleansing until I am clean then hang me up by my hand string in a well ventilated spot so I can dehydrate again.

Do not use the spud sponge over broken skin or any skin legion.


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