Spuds all for loving

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Spud being the kind gentleman that he is has Love on his mind this Valentines day.

Spud Sponge’s mission in this world is to help people – Valentine’s day ( The day of Love) is the perfect day to put love into action and share love and kindness to people.

Spud is going to choose to give a gift that can change a life.

Here are 3 Spud approved gifts perfect for giving this Valentine’s Day .

  1. Buy handmade jewellery from Destiny rescue to help support the survivors in  their rehabilitation after being rescued from sexual slavery.
  2. Send a card of encouragement and hope to the survivors rescued by the A21 campaign  with their Love gives campaign.
  3. Buy a beautiful ethical candle or coffee from The Freedom Hub in Sydney who help restore and rehabilitate survivors of slavery and trafficking here in Australia.

You can learn more about these amazing organisations and the hope they deliver here: