What is Konjac ?

What is Konjac? Konjac was discovered hundreds of years ago in the mountainous tropic regions of Asia, Konjac comes from the same vegetable family as the humble potato and shares many of the same characteristics( Thus Spuds name). Konjac was and is consumed all over the world as a healthy part of their diets in […]

Why does my Konjac Spud Sponge look different?

The Spud sponge is a natural product, therefore he can often vary in shape, size and colour from you last sponge. This is totally normal and to be expected, Spud sponge is an individual and often imperfect but still very loveable and performs his facial cleaning duties without fuss.

Can I eat the Konjac Spud Sponge?

Can I eat Spud Sponge? NO! DO NOT EAT Spud Sponge – he is a facial sponge not food.

What is the Konjac Spud Sponge used for?

What is the Konjac Spud Sponge used for? It’s used to “Clean your face with Squishy Konjac” The most natural and low fuss cleanser around, You can cleanse your face with just water or it also plays nicely and compliments your favourite cleanser. The Spud sponge gives awesome squishy cleansing of the face leaving your skin […]

How long should my Spud Sponge last?

How long should Spud Sponge last? Once opened from its packaging the natural Konjac fibre will be good to use for over  6 weeks of normal face cleansing for one person. (Spud does not want you to share, your spud sponge is your own personal spud so buy a few so everyone can have their own) […]

How do I use my Konjac Spud Sponge?

How to use a Konjac Spud Sponge All you have to do… 1. Remove from bag 2. Grasp your hard dry spud sponge 3. Immerse in water and or hold under a running tap (Prepare to be amazed as he doubles in size) Allow up to 5 mins to fully re hydrate your spud 4. […]

How do I keep my Konjac Spud Sponge clean?

How do I keep my Spud Sponge clean? If you are using your Spud sponge with a cleanser your sponge will be receiving a thorough cleaning along with your skin. We do recommend that you do squeeze and rinse your sponge in running water until the water runs clean, squeeze the excess water out before […]

Can I use the konjac Spud Sponge if I have sensitive skin?

Can I use the konjac spud sponge if I have sensitive skin? Absolutely yes! The spud sponge made from natural Konjac fibre and can be used for all you sensitive skin types, it is extremely gentle and soft, It will cleanse without irritation with or without the help of a cleanser. We would recommend either […]

I have acne breakouts/pimples, can I use the konjac Spud Sponge?

I have acne breakouts, Can I use the konjac sponge? Yes you can. We would recommend the bamboo charcoal Konjac spud sponge for you. The spud sponge will help you fight back against your breakouts by providing gentle healthy cleansing without the stripping of your natural oils that many foaming cleansers will cause The sponge […]

Can I use the Spud Sponge if I am a man?

Hell Yes, The Man Dudes dig the Spud Sponge for cleaning their face. Cleansing your face with just water in the Shower all the men say hell yeah! The Spud Sponge is a perfect cleanser for Men and can be used safely over areas after shaving. The spud will lightly exfoliate the skin and allow the […]