About Spud Sponge

All the dirt on the Spud Sponge

Spud sponge was unearthed  in 2013 on the search for a unique, safe, earthy, natural, fun, biodegradable, funky and squishy  cleansing device.

How I fell in love with Spud sponge

Spuddy won me over after the first cleanse, his squishy awesomeness was addictive and changed what was a routined cleansing experience into an extraordinarily uniquely fun highlight of my day. My skin was left deeply cleansed, feeling smooth, hydrated and clean.

A deeper connection then developed when I dug a little deeper and realised that Spud ticked all my boxes regarding safe, natural, sustainable, biodegradable and skin healthy goodness.

Where does Spud Sponge come from?

Spud was born in the earth as a part of the Konjac* family, and on the wise advice of his potato cousins he set about becoming something less than ordinary. With every natural fibre in his squishy being he knew his potential for cleansing greatness.

*Konjac was discovered thousands of years ago in the mountainous tropic regions of Asia and was consumed as a healthy part of their diet, it wasn’t until recently that its face cleansing awesomeness was discovered.

The Konjac Spud Sponge ain’t no ordinary sponge, don’t be fooled by his meagre size he will enlarge into squishy awesomeness ready to cleanse.

Spud ain’t choosey, there is a Spud Sponge suited to every face.

By choosing to purchase a Spud Sponge to awesomely clean your face and rejuvenate your cleansing experience you are also a part of helping people and doing social good.

A big thank you  for supporting Spud Sponge and the cause we feel so passionate about 
Rachel Cooper x